MECHANICAL ENGINEERING At Sherwood Design & Engineering, we offer our mechanical engineering services to manufacturing, mining, food, pharmaceutical, power generation, steel making, water treatment and mineral processing industries. This involves the design of mechanical equipment, mechanical components, piping, tanks, lifting equipment and bins, pressure vessels, drive systems, shafts, and more. Our experience includes designing to standards such AS 3990, AS 4991, AS 1210, AS 1403, API 650, API 620 and AS 1692. We also have the ability to analyse designs using finite element analysis. These services are undertaken by qualified mechanical engineers.   STRUCTURAL DESIGN & DESIGN VERIFICATION We offer… Read More +

Pressure Vessel Design & Registration

PRESSURE VESSEL DESIGN At Sherwood Design & Engineering, we offer the service of pressure vessel design. In conjunction with our 3D modelling and design drafting capabilities, we can produce a detailed pressure vessel drawings, ready for manufacture. As part of the package, we will supply the calculation set as well as drawings, and can seek independent 3rd party verification of our designs for registration with the relevant authority. Our qualified engineers can design pressure vessels for you to the Australian Standard AS 1210 and can sign off as designer for Design Registration with the relevant authorities. We also work in… Read More +

Pallet Gate

SHERWOOD PALLET GATE Do you have an unprotected high level loading point? Can a person fall or a load be accidentally dislodged? Are you liable if someone falls or gets injured by falling objects? Where it is necessary to remove a section of protective handrailing or catenary chains to provide openings on high level platforms or scaffolds for the handling of goods, there are periods of time when the high level platform is not guarded. This increases the risk of the operator falling to the ground, or the load becoming inadvertently dislodged and falling. WE HAVE THE ANSWER The Sherwood… Read More +