Why Are Engineering Design Services Important With Pressure Vessels?

Why Engineering Design Services Important Pressure Vessels

As a pressure vessel or tank manufacturer, it’s critical to work with experienced and certified experts who can deliver the projects on time and without a lot of inconveniences. This means that you have to find a reliable pressure vessel design and engineering support company that can effectively manage projects right from the concept stage all the way to the installation stage. The company should also provide inspection support for high-risk vessels that are used to store pressurised gases or liquids. 

The Stakes Are High

The most important thing to remember is that any mistake in pressure vessel design can cause serious safety hazards, which nobody wants. Any variations in pressure could cause cracks to form, leading to serious malfunctions and accidents. This is why it is mandatory for companies to follow specific regulatory codes and standards when designing, producing and operating these pressure vessels and ranks. While these standards are followed across Australia, they are also deemed necessary and crucial in many other countries across the world.

The design of pressure vessels varies based on the pressure requirements of different applications like nuclear reactor vessels, petrochemical plants, industrial compressed air receivers and many more. With that in mind, designing vessels specific to their application or use is essential and is often highly regulated by different authorities in the country. 

Pressure Vessel Design Services

Pressure Vessel Engineering Design ensures that the equipment produced operates safely at a specified temperature and pressure, commonly referred to as design temperature and pressure. Typically, manufacturers seek support from companies offering pressure vessel design services to ensure each design of the pressure vessel or storage tank is compliant with regulatory standards and meets the client’s requirements. 

Pressure Vessel Design Services are used by manufacturers who don’t want to operate an in-house design and engineering department with employees and a dedicated budget for it. Also, for manufacturers who don’t want to have a contract with a 3rd party engineering and design company to manage the design and production process, using pressure vessel design services can be extremely useful.

Virtual Testing

Apart from offering design support, pressure vessel engineering design companies also offer Virtual Testing services for pressure vessels as per relevant codes and standards. The companies make use of finite element evaluation tools such as ANSYS Mechanical to do deformation and stress studies on pressure vessel geometry. These simulated tests help to predict the behaviour of pressure ranks under high temperature and pressure of liquids and gases.

Benefits of Using Pressure Vessel Engineering Design Services

One of the main benefits of using a pressure vessel engineering design service is that it helps in identifying crucial design parameters prior to fabrication and prevents manufacturers from making costly design errors and mistakes. Also, it is possible to predict the lifecycle of pressure vessels and tanks through fatigue life estimation, thereby helping to determine the appropriate servicing schedules and warranties.

Choosing the right engineering and design support partner is crucial for a pressure vessel manufacturer. It’s critical that manufacturers pick partners that meet their specific needs. 

Pressure Vessel Design Services

Some of the most useful pressure vessel design services offered by pressure vessel engineering design companies include:

  • Design verification of storage tanks and pressure vessels.
  • Finite element analysis for structural strength and life estimation.
  • Accurate drawings for floor space requirements.
  • Making fabrication and manufacturing drawings.
  • Pressure vessel design calculations based on industry-specific and country standards.
  • Assistance with pressure vessel installations and inspections.

While pressure vessel design support firms usually offer their services to various industries such as power plants, cement manufacturers, oil and gas, food and beverage companies and many more, as a manufacturer, it is crucial to select a company that has adequate expertise and experience in your specific industry. This ensures that the support company is familiar with the industry-specific codes and standards that need to be followed.

At Sherwood Design & Engineering Pty Ltd, we have been providing engineering design and support services to industries such as steelmaking, minerals processing, water treatment, food/pharmaceuticals, materials handling, and many others for more than 40 years.

We specialise in pressure vessel design and pressure vessel design verification, as well as plant engineering where design, plant layout and preparation of arrangement, fabrication and manufacturing drawings are required.

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