General & Mechanical Engineering Services

Mechanical Engineering

At Sherwood Design & Engineering, we offer our mechanical engineering services to manufacturing, mining, food, pharmaceutical, power generation, steel making, water treatment and mineral processing industries. This involves the design of mechanical equipment, mechanical components, piping, tanks, lifting equipment and bins, pressure vessels, drive systems, shafts, and more. Our experience includes designing to standards such AS 3990, AS 4991, AS 1210, AS 1403, API 650, API 620 and AS 1692. We also have the ability to analyse designs using finite element analysis. These services are undertaken by qualified mechanical engineers.

Structural Design & Design Verification

We offer the service of structural design to AS 4100 using the latest structural analysis software, incorporating the AS 1170 series of standard for structural design actions, and undertaken by qualified structural engineering consultants. Further to this, we also have the capability of designing platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders to the requirements of AS 1657. These services are complemented by our 3D modelling and detailed drafting capabilities to convert designs into fully detailed fabrication drawings.

Our engineers can also verify structural designs to AS 4100 for sign off by fully qualified structural engineers.

Finite Element Analysis

Our mechanical engineering consultants offer the service of finite element analysis using the latest Strand7 software for detailed stress analysis. Whether it is mechanical equipment, tanks or pressure vessels, we can model and analyse components and have automesh capability from imported 3D models. We can provide stress analysis reports as required, prepared by fully qualified mechanical design consultants.

3d Modelling

Our experienced design draftspersons have the ability to undertake complex and large scale 3D modelling using the latest Inventor package, whether its structural, mechanical equipment, plant layout, piping, tanks or pressure vessels. From these models, linked arrangement and detail drawings can be created with maximum efficiency. Our competent team of draftspersons can deliver to you the full complement of models and drawings.

Design Drafting

Whether its models and drawings using Inventor or 2D Autocad layout and drafting, our experienced team of design draftspersons have the ability to produce very detailed fabrication/manufacturing drawings, as well as plant layout drawings, assembly arrangements, pipe runs, platforms and stairways. Contact our structural design consultants today to learn more.